Dreamers of Andalon® Fantasy Series

T.B. Phillips - Winner of the 2021 Independent Press Awards for his Fantasy Series Dreamers of Andalon

Congratulations to T.B. Phillips! Winner of the 2021 Independent Press Awards with his debut novel Andalon Awakens, book one of his Dreamers of Andalon® fantasy series!

Dreamers of Andalon® fantasy series is taking the world by storm and surprising readers around the globe. Set in the age of sail, Phillips takes the reader on a journey filled with action and adventure. This fantasy series follows a host of characters whose lives are abruptly changed by powers awakening in each. Though the magic is elemental in nature, manifestation hinges on the emotions of the wielder.

This unique blend of Pirate Fantasy includes a third genre by injecting Science Fiction and Post- Apocalyptic tones into the pages. Beyond the people of Andalon lies the advanced continent of Astia, the remnants of our own society twelve centuries after our fall. Their sinister presence in Andalon is cloaked behind the secretive Falconers who farm the people for the magic they possess.

Filled with strong female protagonists and role models, each character has a back story as unique as themselves. From Eusari Thorinson, kidnapped from her home and sold to pirates at an early age, to Braen Braston, the exiled nobleman trying to escape his past, the reader enjoys the telling of the tale from their individual points of views in a stylistic manner similar to A Game of Thrones and The Wheel of Time.

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“Science Fantasy Done Right – Science Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but so few books do it right. Andalon Awakens does it right. Not only that but it’s not sci-fi/low fantasy but sci-fi pirates, and I’m all in. The world building for the first novel in a series is excellent, the plot is engaging and fast paced, and the characters (especially Eusari) are well-rounded and expertly written. From the first page I was hooked, and I’ll definitely check out the next book in the series.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Attention, HBO Here’s Your Next Big Hit! – Just wow! Those who’ve compared this to Game of Thrones are spot on as far as an epic story of fantasy, adventure, suspense, battle, love, betrayal, political intrigue, secrets, all with twists and turns that could almost make your head spin … the list could go on and on. But, it’s only in the quality of all the above that comparisons with GOT can be made since T.B. Phillips has masterfully created an original storyline that is all it’s own. Andalon Awakens is brilliantly woven; it starts out powerful and keeps that sharp edge all the way through where you can’t make yourself stop reading. The character development and world-building is spectacular, the entire plot, while elaborate is believable and the writing is top notch.” – Amazon Reviewer

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Even if this isn’t your typical genre of preference, Andalon Awakens is SO worth the read!” Amazon Reviewer

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