Award Winning Author T.B. Phillips

Tom “T.B.” Phillips debuted in 2019, entering the world of self-publishing and taking the difficulty of the profession as a personal challenge. A retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Phillips was a technical writer, a curriculum developer, a Master Training Instructor, and a Chief Cryptologist before teaching English and Social Studies in public schools.

He is currently the Director and CEO of Andalon Studios LLC, and manages daily operations of Andalon Press, formerly called Deckplate Publishing.

A prolific reader at a young age, he consumed every genre he could get his hands on. Inspired by Tolkien, world building became his escape and eventually his career. Through his teens and into adulthood he found joy creating magical realms and day-dreaming while acting out those stories in his mind. He never would have brought these adventures to the world had it not been for a personal challenge by his children.

A long-time single father, he had created a family book club around the dinner table, discussing the stories they read and encouraging their own creativity. One day, after reading several trope filled young adult novels, they all agreed they were tired of the same old same old. After they pointed out he was a writer, even if it wasn’t of fiction at the time, he promised to craft a story just for them. As they emerged into adulthood he greeted them with the Dreamers of AndalonĀ® fantasy series. Finally finding the joy he’d always sought, Phillips wrote and published four more novels in fifteen months.

He hopes to expand Andalon Press to aid other aspiring authors to find the same success as he.

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